One-stop solution to food packaging procurement needs

Food Packaging Material Solutions

Cadoer food packaging is mainly made of environmentally friendly degradable materials.
(1) bagasse;
(2) Bamboo fiber pulp;
(3) corn starch;
(4) PLA;
(5) Kraft paper;
Besides, we also provide other food grade and medical grade plastic packaging, such as: APET, RPET, CPET, PETG, PP, PP/PE, PS and other environmentally friendly materials.

Food Packaging
Product Solutions

We can design and produce various high-quality food packaging products according to your different needs. For example: paper bags, hamburger boxes, lunch boxes, bowls, saucers, cups, knives, forks, spoons, trays, straws, napkins, etc.

Food Packaging Application Solutions

We provide different one-stop packaging solutions for different application places, such as fast food restaurant, takeaway, food delivery, mobile food vender, coffee shop, Bakery & Patisserie,
Asian Food Restaurant, Retail store, etc.

Please contact us with your specific needs. We will give you a perfect solution.

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