What are the eco-friendly and degradable tableware? Is there a tableware or food packaging that is compostable?

Now there are more and more environmentally friendly tableware on the market, such as PLA tableware, straw pulp tableware, sugarcane pulp tableware, straw pulp tableware, bamboo pulp tableware, and even kraft paper soup buckets and so on. In the big market of environmentally friendly tableware, many customers do not know how to distinguish these products. Cadoer Food Packaging will briefly introduce to you.

What is bagasse tableware?

Bagasse tableware is a disposable eco-friendly tableware made of sugarcane bagasse into wet pulp or pulp board, and then molded by a molding tableware machine. The raw material comes from one of the largest waste products from the food industry: bagasse, also known as sugarcane pulp. Bagasse tableware will begin to decompose after 30 to 45 days in the soil, and completely lose its shape after 90 days.

What is PLA tableware?

PLA tableware is an Eco-friendly tableware made of polylactic acid as raw material, which can be completely degraded in nature and eventually generate carbon dioxide and water, which does not pollute the environment, which is very beneficial to protecting the environment.

What is corn starch tableware?

Corn starch tableware is a biodegradable product. It uses corn starch as the main raw material and is processed by high-tech production technology. It can be degraded by itself under natural conditions, which avoids environmental pollution and saves non-renewable resources such as oil. It is an eco-friendly tableware commonly used in the catering market.

What is bamboo pulp tableware?

Bamboo pulp tableware is made of natural bamboo pulp as raw material. It is a disposable environmental protection tableware with no odor, no penetration and can be composted.

Is disposable environmentally friendly?

Eco-friendly disposables are thrown away after use, which can cause no harm to the environment. They are completely pure and decompose faster hence don’t contribute to environmental pollution. These things are mostly biodegradable and are natural products.

Eco-friendly Tableware is recyclable
eco-friendly biodegradable box

5 Reasons
to Choose Eco-friendly tableware

Reduce marine pollution

Every year, the oceans are polluted with 18 billion pounds of single-use plastic—that's the equivalent of 5 food bags of plastic waste for every foot of coastline in the world!

Reduce landfill waste

Eco-friendly tableware is recyclable or compostable and will biodegrade on its own. This reduces the waste we send to landfill each year.

No risk of toxic chemicals

Many eco-friendly tableware use all-natural adhesives and are chemical-free, which means you can microwave them without releasing chemicals. Also, unlike plastic, eco-friendly boards do not release chemicals or gases into the environment after processing.

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